Unique, one of a kind jewelry pieces made by my hand using precious metals and natural stones

Much of the jewelry available todays is massed produced and unremarkable.  

I'm driven to make one of a kind pieces from natural stones; Turquoise, Jasper, Labradorite, and Larimar are favorites.  I source my stones from individual stone cutters, specialists from all over the world.  I also search for local stone cutters when I travel.  I find some of the most unique and rare stones from these local cutters.  

Whether traveling in Europe, Mexico, Asia or the United States, every place has stones that are unique to that location.  In recent travels I've discovered two exception places to buy southwestern stones including turquoise from Kingman Arizona and a stone cutter in Livingston, Montana who had an exceptional selection of Montana Agate. 

I'm always amazed by the natural stones that surround us.  I make all my jewelry in my studio in Longmont, Colorado.  Each piece is hand made by me.  I use silver, copper, argentium and leather to maximize the beauty of the stone. 

You won't find my pieces in a mall jewelry store but they are available from select galleries and direct from me..  

All photography provided Badfys Photography

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